Personal Protective Equipment

Head Protection
Hard hat.
Hard hat.
Protects from :falling object, swinging blocks and lines, chemical, paint and hot water drips. 
Do not paint or affix stickers on items not recommended by the manufacturer.
Discard after heavy blow or when date specified by the manufacturer has expired (usually about 2 years, if well cared for) 

Arc welding helmet
Welding helmet

Protects from :arc welding light, radiation and splatter.
Select correct shade of inner glass for the job in hand and ensure outer glass is clean and free of welding splatter.
A flame retardant scraf should always be worn when arc welding. 

Respiratory protection

Dusk mask
Dusk mask
Protects from : nontoxic, heavy dust particles such some cargo dusts and abraded paint dust. 
Should be discarded if torn or whenever signs of discolouration are observed.

Half Face Mask. 
Half face Mask
Protects from : fine dusts, and some fumes but relies on a good seal to the face.
Most types are supplied with interchangeable filter pads or canisters.
Select the correct filter for the job in hand according to the manufacturers instructions and replace the filter when necessary.
Discard masks with damaged face pieces or straps.

Full face mask
Full face mask
Protects from: fine dusts and some fumes and affords protection to eyes and face.
Maintenance should be as for the half face mask, but should include correct selection and replacement of the face screen.

Masks and Respirators do not protect against oxigen depleted atmospheres or toxic gases. 

Skin protection

Boiler suit.
Boiler suit
Protects from: general dirt and grime and entrapment in moving machinery.
Should be flame retardant.
Short sleeves should be avoided.
Should be washed regularly to avoid possibility of dermatitis.

PVC wet suit.
PVC wet suit
Protects from: rain and salt water, some mild chemical and oils.
Should be a high visibility colour for deck and tank operations.
Can be washed with mild detergent.
Discard when heavily soiled.

Thermal suit.
Thermal suit
Protects from: cold.
Use when working in refrigerated compartments or on deck in cold climates.
Can be worn under a PVC wet suit where weather conditions dictate.

Barrier cream.
Barrier cream
Protects from: light soiling from non Hazardous Substances.
Helps prevent dermatitis.

Hand protection

Riggers Gloves
Riggers gloves
Protects from: soiling and abrasion.
Use for manual handling of ropes and machinery.
Discard when soiled and torn.

Thermal gloves.
Thermal gloves
Protects from: cold.
Use for work in refrigerated compartments or on deck in cold climate.
Can be worn under other work gloves.

Welding gauntlets.
Welding gauntlets
Protects from: heat, welding splatter and abrasions.
Use for arc and gas welding, flame cutting and grinding.
Discard if holed or when lining is thin.

PVC gloves.
PVC gloves
Protects from: abrasion, oil and mild chemicals.
Use for bunkering, oil cargo operations and appropriate engine room work.
Discard if holed.

Latex gauntlets.
Latex gauntlets
Protects from: abrasion, oil and many chemicals.
Use for chemical handling, chemical cargo operations and sand blasting work.
Discard if holed.

Impact gloves.
Impact gloves
Protects from: Vibration.
Use when operating needle guns, jack hammers and impact tools.
Discard if pads wear.

Eye protection

Safety glasses.
Safety glasses
Protects from: low energy projectiles such as swarf etc.
Discard when lenses become scratched.

Safety goggles.
Safety goggles
Protects from: high energy projectiles and dust.
Can be prone to misting up.
Replace insert when scratched, Discard if other parts are damaged.

Face shield.
Face shield
Protects from: high energy projectiles over the whole face area.
Can be clipped to hard hat if designed for that purpose.
Replace visor if scratched, Discard if other parts damaged.

Gas welding goggles.
Gas welding goggles
Protects from: welding sparks and light intensity of gas torches etc.
Ensure outer glass is free from welding splatter and that tinted glass is the correct shade for the job in hand.

Hearing protection

Ear plugs.
Ear plugs
Protects from: low level sound energy.
Available in many materials but all suffer from hygiene problems as they are inserted directly into the ear canal.
Ear plugs should be renewed on a frequent basis to maintain hygiene.
Do not use other peoples ear plugs.

Ear defenders.
Ear defenders
Protects from: a higher level of sound energy, but not all possible sound dangers.
Only effective if a tight seal to the head is maintained and for this reason,hats, long hair and glasses etc.
Must be adjusted to ensure the correct fit.
Can be clipped to hard hats if designed for that purpose.

Foot protection 

Safety shoes.
Safety shoes
Protects from: light impact and minor sole penetration.
Shoes do not offer ankle protection and may not have steel toe caps.

Safety boots.
Safety boat
Protects from: heavy impact and sole penetration, ankles protected from impact.
Boots usually have steel toe caps, steel sole plates and oil resistant soles.

Wellington boots.
Wellington boots
Protects from: water, oils and many chemical.
Should have steel toe caps and steel sole plates.
Discard if holed.

Specialized equipment 

Safety harness. 
Safety harness
Protects from: falls.
Use when working more that 2m above deck level or when working out board.
Use in conjunction with approved lanyard or fall arrester.
Ensure height of fall is always limited to an absolute minimum and that the safety line is attached to a secure point.
Inspect after a fall and replace if any damage.

Personal gas monitor. 
Personal gas monitor
Warning of : oxygen depletion and toxic or explosive gasses.
Ensure suitability for expected hazards before use.
Check correct function, battery life and calibration etc.
Prior to each enclosed space entry.

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