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Instruction manual battery accu.



1.Fill cell with electrolyte (refined sulphuric acid) having a specific gravity as given in picture
When filling the electrolyte,temperature must not be lower than 15° C (60° F) nor higher than 30°C (86 F).
NOTE : If battery vent plugs are sealed with tapes, discard sealing tapes.

2.Allow battery to stand for some time after filling before placing on charge. If electrolyte level has drop, add more electrolyte until proper level is reached.

3.Place on charge at the proper rate as given in table :

Charge until all cell gases freely, and the voltage and specific gravity are constant over three times successive readings taken at 30 minutes intervals.

4.During the charge, do not allow electrolyte temperature to rise above the value as given in table:

Should this temperature be reached, reduce charging current.

5.If electrolyte deacreases during the charge, refill it to proper height with distilled Water. 

6.When battery is fully charged, the specific grafity of electrolyte should be as given in table 1. If the specific gravity is above the maximum value, a portion of electrolyte Should be withdrawn and replace with distilled water, if below the minimum value, Replace with small amount of 1.400 specific gravity sulphuric acid. After adjusting, battery should be placed on charge to mix the electrolyte for one hour or more.

7. After completion of charge, adjust the electrolyte level to the proper height as given in figure 1.
Figure 1

8.⚫Replace the vent.
   ⚫plugs tightly.
   ⚫Wash off any electrolyte which is spilled on the battery.

9. Battery is then ready for service.

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