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Troubleshooting Caterpillar 3612 and 3616 (3)

Troubleshooting Caterpillar 3612 and 3616

Little Valve Lash or No Valve Lash
Probable Cause
1. Worn valve seat or worn valve face
Reconditioning of the cylinder head is required. Adjust the valve lash. Refer to System Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Valve Lash and Valve Bridge Adjustment".
2. Wrong crankshaft/camshaft timing
Adjust the camshaft timing. Refer to System Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Camshaft Timing".
3. Open mister for oil
On engines that use distillate fuel, check the delivery of oil from the mister.
4. Valve bridge out of adjustment
Adjust the valve bridge. Refer to System Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Valve Lash and Valve Bridge Adjustment".

Early Wear
Probable Cause
Note: Internal engine components wear due to abrasion. Each of the following systems must be inspected in order to determine the source of abrasion within that system: air, oil, fuel and water. The cause must be corrected. Check the components and replace the components, as required.
1. Dirt in lubrication oil
Remove dirty lubrication oil. Clean the centrifugal oil filters. Install new filter elements. Check oil filter bypass valves for wear or broken springs. Put clean oil in the engine.
2. Lack of lubrication
Ensure that the oil is the proper viscosity. Ensure that the oil level is at the recommended capacity.
3. Air inlet leaks
Inspect all gaskets and connections. Make repairs if leaks are found.
4. Fuel leakage into lubrication oil
This will cause high fuel consumption and low engine oil pressure. This condition may also increase the oil level in the crankcase. Make repairs if leaks are found. Install new parts, as required.
5. Low quality fuel or water in fuel
Remove the fuel from the fuel tank. Install new fuel filters. Put a good grade of clean fuel in the fuel tank. Refer to Caterpillar 3600 Series Diesel Engine Fluids Recommendations For Lubricants, Fuels, and Coolants, SEBU7003.

Coolant in the Lubrication Oil
Probable Cause
1. Failure of oil cooler cores
Install a new core for the faulty engine oil cooler. Drain the crankcase and refill the crankcase with clean lubricant. Install new oil filters.
2. Crack or defect in cylinder head
Pressurize the cooling system in order to determine whether the cylinder head needs repair. While the cylinder head is removed from the engine, inspect the cylinder head in order to determine the extent of the damage.
Repair the cylinder head or replace the cylinder head, as required.
3. Crack or defect in cylinder block
Pressurize the cooling system in order to locate the damage. Inspect the cylinder block. Repair the cylinder block or replace the cylinder block, as required.
4. Failure of cylinder liner seals
Replace cylinder liner seals.
5. Faulty water pump
Check the water pump for leakage.
6. Faulty water cooled valve seat insert
Replace the cylinder head.

Excessive Black Smoke or Gray Smoke
Probable Cause
1. Not enough air for combustion
Check the air cleaner and the aftercooler for restrictions.
2. Faulty fuel injectors
Install new fuel injectors.
3. Wrong fuel injection timing
Adjust the timing. Refer to System Operation/Testing And Adjusting, "Fuel Timing".
4. Broken exhaust valve
Replace the broken components and the damaged components, as required.
5. Overloaded engine
Do not exceed recommended capacities.
6. High fuel rate
Refer to "Excessive Fuel Consumption".

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