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Governor Hanshin LH 28G

For details on the hydraulic governor for this engine, see the separate manual. The governor controls the rotation speed of the engine, and is driven and accelerated by the camshaft gear, via a flat gear and a pair of bevel gears.

 1. Disassembly
The governor unit can be removed by removing its four bolts. The drive mechanism is composed of a set of bevel and drive (flat) gears mounted in the lower case, and is driven by the camshaft gear.
The drive mechanism can be inspected without removing the lower case.

2. Inspection
Check that there are no abnormalities with drive gears and bushes etc.

3. Re assembly
1) Mount the large bevel gear, flat gear and shaft in the lower case.
After inserting the shaft taper pin, open the split in the pin so that the pin does not fall off.
2) Check backlash of the large and small bevel gears. For details on standard backlash, see section 3.
Always use a new taper pin.
3) Mount the governor to the engine, checking backlash between the camshaft gear and governor flat gear.
Adjust backlash using adjustment washers between the lower casing and gear box. For standard value, see section 3.
4) Mount the hydraulic governor and mount the link device.
Be careful to fix pins of each part of the link device so that they will not come loose. If a pin falls out, engine overrun will result. So be extremely careful.

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