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CBA Ujian Akhir Diklat ATT-II Bahasa Inggris Maritim

Soal Jawab UAD ATT-2 Bahasa Inggris

1).Normally, before you are able to get a job, you have to attend a(an)
_________ . If you do well in that, they offer you the position.
a. appointment
b. interview✔️
c. meeting
d. I don’t know

2).And when you go, make sure you bring your __________ to show the
manager. This is a sort of record of your education and employment
b. CD
c. CV ✔️
d. I don’t know

3).I am feeling really __________ today. The weather is terrible and I got
some bad news this morning too!
a. miserable ✔️
b. lazy
c. punctual
d. I don’t know

4).My uncle ________ four years ago but he is very active and says he
wished he had stopped work before!
a. graduated
b. retired ✔️
c. resigned
d. I don’t know

5).I think a teacher should be quite_________ so that the students who
want to learn can, without worrying about other students playing
a. serious
b. strict ✔️
c. harsh
d. I don’t know

6).If you turn off the air-conditioning if you are away from home for more
than a couple of day, you will __________ a lot of money.
a. save ✔️
b. earn
c. gain
d. I don’t know

7).We watched the carnival and then stayed behind for two hours
afterwards to help the organizers clear away all the _________.
a. garbage ✔️
b. dirt
c. mud
d. I don’t know

8).I __________ with you. This movie is really boring! Let’s change the
a. accord
b. agree
c. meet
d. I don’t know

9).He got in the car, pulled__________ of the driveway, and drove away.
a. out ✔️
b. off
c. up
d. I don’t know

10).I can’t believe you pulled that___________! (=managed to achieve this)
a. off ✔️
b. out
c. up
d. I don’t know

11).The other candidates have now pulled ___________ of Johnson. (=
Johnson is now behind the other candidates)
a. up
b. ahead ✔️
c. off
d. I don’t know

12).He pulled _______ the car to the gate.
a. up ✔️
b. out
c. ahead
d. I don’t know

13).It was a close race until Peter pulled___________ from the other
runners and won by a whole minute.
a. up
b. away ✔️
c. off
d. I don’t know

14).I’m pulling ___________ him. (= I’m hoping he’ll win/succeed)
a. for ✔️
b. away
c. in
d. I don’t know

15).The police officer pulled him ___________. (= The police stopped him)
a. through
b. up
c. over ✔️
d. I don’t know

16).I’m sure she’ll pull___________. (= I’m sure she’ll be well again)
a. over
b. through ✔️
c. off
d. I don’t know

17).He signed up for the event, but had to pull _________. (= cancel)
a. out ✔️
b. off
c. back
d. I don’t know

18).Tomorrow I _____________ (paint) all day.
a. will be painting ✔️
b. will paint
c. will be paint
d. I don’t know

19).By the time we get there, the store _________.
a. will close
b. will have closed ✔️
c. closed
d. I don’t know

20).I _________ you tomorrow at 3:00 PM.
a. will see ✔️
b. see
c. will be seeing
d. I don’t know

21).P1 : Can I come over in an hour?
P2 : No, I _________ (translate) the English exercise.
a. will translate ✔️
b. will be translating
c. translate
d. I don’t know

22).She doesn’t realize what kind of person he is, but she ______ (find out)
a. will find out
b. will be finding out
c. will have found out ✔️
d. I don’t know

23).She insulted me, I _________ (speak) to her again!
a. will never speak ✔️
b. will never be speaking
c. will never spoken
d. I don’t know

24).If he continuous drinking so fast, he _________ (drink) the whole bottle
by midnight.
a. will drink
b. will be drinking ✔️
c. will have drunk
d. I don’t know

25).She _________ me when her birthday is.
a. will not have told
b. will not be telling
c. won’t tell ✔️
d. I don’t know

26).When I mentioned_________ married, she didn’t say anything.
a. to get
b. getting ✔️
c. get
d. I don’t know

27).If he keeps _________ things from work, he’s going to get fired.
a. to steal
b. steal
c. stealing ✔️
d. I don’t know

28).Bill enjoys _________ morning newspaper.
a. to read
b. reading ✔️
c. read
d. I don’t know

29).I plan _________ to college in the fall.
a. to go ✔️
b. going
c. go
d. I don’t know

30).I plan on _________ to college in the fall.
a. to go
b. going ✔️
c. go
d. I don’t know

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