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CBA Ujian Akhir Diklat ATT-II Bahasa Inggris Maritim (2)

Soal Jawab UAD ATT-2 Bahasa Inggris

31).I suggested _________ to a restaurant after the movie.
a. to go
b. go
c. going ✔️
d. I don’t know

32).The doctor wants _________ with you.
a. to speak ✔️
b. speaking
c. speak
d. I don’t know

33).I really miss _________ as a chief engineer.
a. to work
b. working ✔️
c. work
d. I don’t know

34).He wants to get a better _________ and earn more money.
a. job ✔️
b. employ
c. work
d. I don’t know

35).Managers set objectives and decide _________ their organization can
achieve them.
a. what
b. how ✔️
c. which
d. I don’t know

36).Obviously, objectives occasionally _________ be modified or changed.
a. have to ✔️
b. must to
c. ought
d. I don’t know

37).A defect can be caused __ negligence by one of the members of a team.
a. by ✔️
b. to
c. at
d. I don’t know
38). Managers who are ambitious are_________ -oriented managers.
a. socially
b. success ✔️
c. well
d. I don’t know

39). Warning! No unauthorized personnel _________ this point.
a. about
b. from
c. beyond ✔️
d. I don’t know
40).You won’t be allowed into the club _________ you wear a suit and tie.
a. if
b. unless ✔️
c. whether
d. I don’t know

41. It’s___________ time you told him the truth!
a. on
b. in
c. about ✔️
d. I don’t know

42).The soccer player was ejected because he had done something that was
_______ the rules.
a. without
b. against ✔️
c. outside
d. I don’t know

43. Another way of saying ‘old-fashioned’ is “_______ the times”.
a. beside
b. outside
c. behind ✔️
d. I don’t know

44. You shouldn’t pick _______ him just because he’s different.
a. on ✔️
b. to
c. with
d. I don’t know

45. The shipping office? It’s somewhere _______ that big blue building.
a. around✔️
b. about
c. on
d. I don’t know

46. Being a midwife is hard work, especially if you’re_____ call all the time.
a. in
b. on✔️
c. with
d. I don’t know

47).She’s the kind of girl who knows everything_____________ everyone.
a. about ✔️
b. on
c. in
d. I don’t know.

48).He is, ___________ a doubt, the best engineering student in the class.
a. without ✔️
b. outside
c. about
d. I don’t know.

49. _______ tourists visit to Indonesia, they saw a lot of interesting places.
a. While
b. During ✔️
c. Through
b. I don’t know.

50. _____________ the year, I’ve spoken to him ten times.
a. In
b. During
c. Throughout ✔️
d. I don’t know.

51. I always _____________ my best.
a. try ✔️
b. am trying
c. to try
d. I don’t know.

52. _____________ to me?
a. Are you talking ✔️
b. Do you talk
c. What are you talk
d. I don’t know.

53. I _____________ to the mountains this weekend.
a. go
b. am going ✔️
c. going
d. I don’t know.

54. What time _____________ lunch?
a. do you normally eat ✔️
b. are you normally eating
c. you normally eat
d. I don’t know.

55. I have to go to bed early tonight because my ship___________ at 6 AM
tomorrow morning.
a. is leaving ✔️
b. leaves
c. departures
d. I don’t know.

56. We normally eat lunch at noon, but today _____________ at 1.
a. we’re eating ✔️
b. we eat
c. we eating
d. I don’t know.

57. I_____________ the flu.
a. have ✔️
b. am having
c. will
d. I don’t know.

58. P 1 : _____________ a good time?
P 2 : Yes, I’m really enjoying this.
a. Are you having ✔️
b. Do you have
c. Enjoy
d. I don’t know.

59. We normally _____________ breakfast at 7 AM.
a. have ✔️
b. are having
c. to have
e. I don’t know.

60. Don’t talk so loudly, baby Susan ____________ to sleep.
a. tries
b. is trying ✔️
c. trying
d. I don’t know.

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