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Sample Interview for Engineer

Sample question and answeres for marine engineers

1. Q : what is a Class A fire?
A : Class A fire involves combustible material such as paper, wood, cloth and rubber.

2. Q : What type of fire extinguisher is used on Class "A" and fire?
A : type of extinguisher to use are Soda Acid, Pressurized Water, Foam, Dry Powder and CO2.

3. Q : what is a Class "B" fire?
A : A class "B" fire involves oils, fats, hydrocarbons and any flammable liquid.

4. Q : Name two types of extinguishers suitable for a Class "B" fire?
A : types of extinguisher to use are foam and dry powder.

5. Q : what is a Class "C" fire?
A : A class "C" fire involves electrical cables and motors.

6. Q : Name at least two types of extinguishers that can be used on Class "C" fire?
A : Types of extinguishers to use are Dry Powder and CO2.

7. Q : Name one type of extinguisher that cannot be used on Class "C" fire?
A : One class "C" fire, do not use Water Extinguisher.

8. Q : What is the standard length of a fire hose?
A : Standard length of fire hose is 60 feet or 20 meters.

9. Q : Would you find a water fire extinguisher in the Galley?
A : No.

10. Q : How often should a foam extinguisher be recharged?
A : Every six months.

11. Q : Can you use a fire hose to wash down decks and accommodations?
A : No, you must only use a specific water rubber hose provided the purpose.

12. Q : On a vessel, how many fire hoses are fitted and which are the location?
A : Two hoses are located on board. one in the engine room and the other on deck.

13. Q : Give three basic ways of fighting a fire?
A : In the fire triangle, we have fuel, heat and air. Remove any two successfully and the fire is extinguished.

14. Q : Describe how to operate a 10 litre upright foam extinguisher.
A : Read the instruction label supplied with each unit and be familiar with the method of operation and method of unshipping.

15. Q : Give the date when foam extinguishers must be recharged.
A : Foam extinguishers must be recharged every six months, check inspection tag and for date.

16 Q : What signal is given for abandon ship?
A : Ship alarm = 7 short and followed by one long, one short in less than 2 seconds and one long in less than 6 seconds and verbal instruction from the master.

17. Q : What signal is given
A : Continuous ringing of general alarm bells.

18. Q : how often should fire and boat drill be conducted?
A : Every fourteen days.

19. Q : On SCBA set, when whistle sounds, what is meaning?
A : On a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus set, while indicates low pressure in cylinder (Scot Air Pack bell rings).

20. Q : How long does a standard B.A. air bottle last?
A : A standard bottle lasts about 30 minutes depending on rate of using air.

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