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Ensure Safe Working practice CBA

Ensure Safe Working Practices CBA UKP ATT 2

1. During maintenance work on the main engine a problem arises regarding the lifting
of a main component in that the manufacturer's instructions ado not apply to the engine as fitted and present a hazar In which of the information/record sources
given in the options, is it most important to record the information relating to this
➡️ ISM procedures in the ship's safety manual.

2. Electric arc welding is to be carried out in the machinery spaces other than the
workshop. Which of the alternatives below would be the preferred method for
the connection of the "return" cable to the welding set?
➡️ Use a "go and return" system with the return cable connected directly from the welding set to the work piece if possible.

3. How should the spare oxygen and acetylene gas welding bottles be stored onboard the ship?
➡️ In two separate rooms outside the engine room space.

4. In many cases the ship's Chief Engineer can carry out survey of machinery on
behalf of a Classification Society under arrangements covering Continuous
Surveys. As part of this arrangement a Surveyor from the Classification Society must carry out a periodic audit of the documentation for the approved planned maintenance system and undertake a confirmatory survey of the items surveye What is the normal frequency for this audit?
➡️ Annual.

5. It is noticed that some of the items that were to be used to lift some machinery
components during a maintenance routine had not been tested for over 5 years.
Which of the options given is the correct action to be taken in a situation like this?
➡️ Mark the items as not to be used and store them securely until they can be tested by a competent person.

6. Prior to removing the access doors to a pressure vessel for internal maintenance it
should be ensured that all pressure has been relieve As well as a zero indication on
a pressure gauge which other measure, from the options given should be taken to
confirm this prior to commencing the work?
➡️ Open the drain valve while pressure still shows on the gauge and to check it is clear. Outflow should cease as the pressure gauge reaches zero.

7. Select the option which correctly completes the following statement. 'Prior to allowing work to proceed in an onboard space testing of the atmosphere should be
carried out…
➡️ …for any space with limited access or non-continuous ventilation or is suspected of having a hazardous atmosphere.

8. The machinery detail plate is missing from a large electric motor and the weight is unknown. As part of a routine maintenance check the motor has to be lifted to access some other equipment. Which of the given options is the correct action that should be taken?
➡️ As it is only a routine maintenance and not a breakdown then postpone the task until full details of the motor can be obtaine

9. When carrying out repair or maintenance tasks involving hot work a hot work permit must be issue Select the correct option from those given which completes the following statement. 'The permit for hot work…
➡️ ..should only cover specific hot work tasks and be valid for a specified time perio'd

10. A tank containing hydrocarbon residues requires manual cleaning by use of shovels, scrapers et Which of the following is the correct procedure to follow?
➡️ Open and ventilate the tank, test oxygen content, have someone standing by with rescue equipment, complete a permit to work and a tank entry permit and then commence work.

11. Every person onboard ship has a responsibility for safety and security. General house-keeping rules should be followe Which of the listed rules is the most important onboard a tanker?
➡️ Never carry lighters or matches on the tank deck.

12. If the oxygen content in an enclosed space is less than 20% and a non-essential
routine inspection of the space is due which of the following is the correct course
of action?
➡️ Postpone the inspection until the correct oxygen content can be achieve

13. On a UMS vessel gas welding operations in the work shop are to be stopped for a
lunch break. Which of the following actions should be carried out prior to taking the break?
➡️ The main supply valves in the deck storage are closed and checks made
that no fire risk exists prior to switching on the fire alarm system and going to UMS-mode.

14. Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and
screw caps. Which of the following statements is correct?
➡️ Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks, to prevent ingress of water or oil into the engine room in case of tank bottom damage or overflow

15. Under what circumstances would you remove guards and safety devices from
➡️ During overhaul and maintenance procedures.

16. What action is required if the crankcase relief valve on an air compressor is operating and emitting an air and oil mixture?
➡️ Overhaul the compressor unit.

17. What action should you take if you have a flash-back during gas welding?
➡️ Close the regulator valves immediately, oxygen first.

18. What is generally considered as the minimum safe time period before opening a crankcase door after the oil mist detector alarm has activated and the engine has been stopped?
➡️ After at least 20 minutes

19. What precautions should be taken for the deck covering in a steering gear room
where hydraulic oil is in use?
➡️ Coat the deck with non slip paint and use duck boards provided with drainage.

20. What should you do if you are in the engine room and the alarm for "CO2 release into the engine room" sounds?
➡️ Leave the engine room immediately.

21. When the engine room crane is to be utilised for lifting or lowering a piece of
equipment to the lower decks through access hatches designed specifically for the purpose, there are certain measures that should be taken. What are they?
➡️ Securely rope off the area around open hatches and post notices at the site.

22. When using portable ladders during work activities onboard a ship what
precautions should be taken.
➡️ Secure the ladder top and bottom and have a shipmate standing by while you are working on the ladder.

23. Which of the following pump types could be damaged if the discharge valve is
closed before the motor is stopped?
➡️ Gear pump

24. Which preparations and precautions are necessary before "hot work" commences
onboard ship?
➡️ Follow all ISM procedures relating to hot work including permit to work and hotwork permit requirements.

25. Why may wearing sweat rags slung round your neck when working in the
machinery spaces be hazardous?
➡️ The rags may be caught by running machinery or power tools.

26. Why should engine and boiler rooms be kept clean and any oil spillage cleaned
up immediately?
➡️ To reduce risk of fire and the risk of slipping.

27. Where would you find details for your tasks and duties in case of an emergency ?
➡️ In notices posted in messrooms, recreation rooms, et

28. What is a 'Rescue Sub-Centre (R.S.) ?
➡️ A unit subordinate to a rescue co-ordinating centre.

29. Which of these requirements regarding lifebuoys corresponds to the SOLAS
➡️ It must have a mass greater than 2.5 kgs.

30. Which of these requirements regarding abandon ship drills corresponds to the
SOLAS regulations?
➡️ Each lifeboat shall be launched with its assigned crew, and maneuvered in the water at least once every three months.

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