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Starting Device

Starting Device Hanshin LH 28G

High pressure air from the air tank is sent into the starting air main pipe via a stop valve, and at the same time that this air reaches the start valve intake for each cylinder, high pressure air is introduced into the distributor valve from the starting air main pipe.
High pressure air controlled by the distributor valve pushed up the piston at the top of the starting valve, and opening this valve allows high pressure air in the main pipe to flow into the cylinder.

Starting air distributor valve
1. Disassembly
1). Using the included hexagonal wrench, loosen the 6 plugs attached to the outer circumference of the distributor valve.

Be careful not to drop the valve or spring.
2). Using the included eyebolt, pull out the valve and remove the spring.


2. Inspection
1). Loosen the toe piece of the distributor valve and check that the tip is not worn.
2). Check the sliding surfaces of the valve and body for wear. If wear is particularly severe, replace together with bushes.

3. Reassembly
1). Check stamped marking on the valve body and valve, apply grease to the valve and spring and mount.
At this time, check that the valve returns gently due to the spring force.
2). Fasten the plugs with the included hexagonal wrench.

4. Inspection after assembly
If the valve has been replaced, check the valve timing.

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