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Starting Valve

Starting Valve Main Engine Hanshin 6LH 28G 

The starting valve is opened by air pressure from the starting air distributor valve, and compressed air from the starting air main pipe goes into the cylinder and presses down the piston to perform starting.

1. Disassembly
1) Remove the starting valve mounting nuts, and remove the plunger guide and plunger.
2) Pull off the valve casing with the proper tool.

Provide an appropriate cover to keep foreign matter out of the cylinder head starting valve hole.

3) The starting valve spring holder, spring, valve and valve casing can be separated by holding the valve casing and removing the spring holder fastening nut.

Starting valve
2. Inspection
1) check contact between the valve casing and valve seat. Performing lapping if contact is poor.
2) Check sliding sections.

3. Reassembly
1) Reassemble the valve, spring and spring holder in the valve casing, and tighten the spring holder fastening nut.
2) check that the starting valve mounting packing is properly in place, and then insert the valve casing into the cylinder head.
3) When assembling, apply sufficient grease to sliding sections, and then insert the plunger into the plunger guide and mount to the cylinder head.

Pressure indicator valve and cylinder safety valve
The pressure indicator valve is mounted to the pressure indicator, and is provided to measure the maximum pressure in the cylinder. It is also opened to release cylinder residual pressure into the atmosphere during crankshaft turning, air running before starting, and when the engine has been stopped.
The cylinder safety valve is mounted to the pressure indicator valve main body. It actuates when the explosive pressure inside the cylinder exceeds the set limits, and thereby keeps cylinder internal pressure within the set range.

Indicator valve

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