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Blok silinder dan Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Block and Cylinder Liners

The cylinder block is a single cast piece. The gap between the cylinder Block and Cylinder Liners forms water jacket, and this is sealed water tight by copper packing on the top and by a highly heat resistant silicone rubber O ring on the bottom.
The cylinder liner is a wear resistant piece of specially cast iron with a precisely honed inner surface.

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Cylinder liner disassembly
1. Inspection before disassembly
Mount a positioner to the cylinder liner, as shown in the diagram, and measure and record the wear at each position.
Measure and record cylinder wear whenever the opportunity presents itself, i. e. When the cylinder head and pistons have been removed. This will be useful reference for subsequent engine handling and maintenance.

Cylinder liner wear measurement procedure
Measure in the P - S and F - A directions at each position.

2. Disassembly
Pull out the cylinder liner using the cylinder liner tool.

Cylinder liner removal procedure
a) when removing the cylinder liner, it is best to spread out a vinyl sheet beforehand to keep foreign matter and cooling water around the cylinder liner from falling into the bed plate.
b) There are etching lines which indicate the positional inter relationship between the cylinder block and Cylinder liner, but check these before disassembly, and ee etch if necessary.

If you have trouble removing the cylinder liner with the standard tool, push up the cylinder liner with a hydraulic jack by using the crank arm.

3. Inspection after disassembly
Check for corrosion and other defects around the cylinder liner.
Cylinder liner corrosion will disturb the cooling water system and introduce air into cooling water.

4. Reassembly
Insert the cylinder liner using the cylinder liner tool.
a) carefully remove scaling around the cylinder liner and on the cylinder jacket and apply tar epoxy resin.
b) Replace copper packing and o ring.
c) The lower o ring is a special silicone type, so do not use ordinary o ring available on the maket. Also, be careful because silicone is highly susceptible to light oils.
d) Apply potash soap on and around the lower o-ring. If there are signs of corrosion apparent in the disassembled inspection, apply silicone sealant instead of potash soap.
e) When inserting the cylinder liner, be careful to hoist vertically and align the etching marks checked before disassembly.

5. Inspection after reassembly
Mount the cylinder head and perform a hydraulic test to check that there is no water leakage from the o-rings.

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