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Model Course 317 Maritime English

International Maritime Organization (IMO) model course 3.17 Maritime English

English is as means of communication
(Bahasa Inggris sebagai sarana komunikasi)

Mengapa bahasa inggris menjadi bahasa utama dalam komunikasi internasional?
Alasan-alasan :
1. Geographic Expansion
  • Canada 1497
  • The world since 1584
  • India in 1612
  • Asia in 1786
  • Africa in 1806
  • Australia in 18th century
  • New Zealand in 1770
2. Powerful Role
  • Political power
  • Militery power
  • Economic power
3. Diplomatic Role
  • Asean countries
  • APEC member economies
  • European council
  • AIDA (Australia, Indonesia developing area), etc.
4. User

Bahasa Inggris menjadi bahasa ilmiah

Tata Bahasa (GRAMMAR)

Language is human and non-instingtive of communicating ideas, feeling, and desires by mean of using system of sound symbols.

Grammar is study, science or rules for words and structures of language.

Vocabulary is list of words in books, dictionaries.

Phonology is the study of sound changes in a language.

Reading is able to understand written language.

Writing is able to write language.

Speaking is able to make use oral language.

Listening is able to understand oral language.

(The advanced learner dictionary of current English second edition by hobby)

Language System
1. Kalimat = Dia menulis sepucuk surat setiap hari.
Grammar ➡️ Present Tense + Active + Affirmative
Subject + Verb1 + object + modifier
Vocabulary = He/She writes a letter every week.
Phonology = Hi/si raitz a leta evri wi: k

2. Kalimat = Sepucuk surat ditulisnya setiap minggu.
Grammar = Simple Present Tense + Passive + Affirmative.
Object + to be + verb3 + (by + s) + modifier 
Vocabulary = A letter is written (by him/her) every week.
Phonology = a letä: iz ritän (bai him/hä) evri wi:k

3. Kalimat = kemana dia pergi setiap hari?
Grammar = simple present tense + active + introgative.
Do/does + Subject + Verb + Modifier
Vocabulary = Where does he/she go every day?
Phonology = (wé: daz hi/si gou evri dei?

Referensi : Inggris maritim diklat ATT2 (Drs. Margono) 

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