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Model Course 317 Maritime English (3)

International Maritime Organization (IMO) model course 3.17 Maritime English (3)

Shipboard Organization
Crew = all personnel aboard a ship.

Deck department = the personnel who operate navigational equipment and deck machinery.

Engine Department = the personnel who operate the ship's engines and related auxiliary machinery.

Steward department = the personnel responsible for the care and feeding of the crew.

Master = the officer in charge, commanding officer, or captain of the ship.

Chief Mate = the person second in command of the ship under a master ; supervises the operations of the deck department and is responsible for the vessel’s cargo.

Watch = a portion of a ship's day (usually four hours) to which certain officer and crew members are assigned for

Day workers = those crew members assigned to work a straight day as opposed to watchstanders.

Navigating bridge = the wheel house, or control center, of the ship.

Second Mate = the officer in the deck department who assists with the navigation of the ship and oversees the vessel’s safety equipment.

Boatswain (Bon's) = the senior unlicensed person in the deck department ;supervises other unlicensed personnel in the department according to the Chief mate's orders.

Able - bodied seaman (A.B.) = one who works under the officers in the deck department, steers the ship, and performs tasks such as docking / undocking and maintenance chores.

Ordinary seaman (O.S.) = one who works under the A.B., performing routine tasks in the deck department.

Chief Engineer = the officer in charge of an engine department and all of its personnel and equipment.

First, second, and third assistant engineer = the licensed officers of an engine department who work under the Chief Engineer, standing watches and supervising the operation of the ship's propulsion plant and related machinery.

Oilers and fireman - watertenders (F.W.T.) = the non licensed personnel of the engine department who work on the watches with the licensed engineers and keep the vessel’s plant operating twenty four hours a day in port and at sea.

Wiper = the lowest ranking unlicensed person in the engine department. This position is an entry rating from which one works up through experience.
A wiper corresponds to an ordinary seaman in the deck department.

Electrician = the crew member responsible to the Chief Engineer for the maintenance and operation of all electrical machinery.

Chief Steward = the person in charge of the Steward department.

Chief Cook and assistants = crew members charged with responsibility for preparing all food served aboard the vessel.

Messmen and Stewards = the personnel who serve food to the crew and care for the newsrooms, stateroom, and related facilities under the control of the Steward department.

Radio operator = the staff officer responsible for all communications to and from the vessel while at sea.

Purser = the staff officer who handles paperwork and records for a master.

Cadets = the personnel in training to be deck officer or engineering officers.
Time at sea
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