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Emergency Damage Control ATT-II (2)

Pengendalian Kerusakan Dan Kedaruratan di kapal

Kisi-Kisi Ujian Akhir Diklat
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Sebelumnya : Pengendalian Kerusakan Dan kedaruratan
21. What is most important for crew members when preparing for emergencies?
A. That people know where to find designated equipment
B. That people are well trained ✔️
C. That people know where to muster
D. That people listen to orders given

22. What is the priority for the ship's management team when fire breaks out ?
A. The ship's management team must call the nearest fire brigade and police station
B. The ship's management team must fight the fire and then call the fire teams
C. The ship's management team must organizese the fire teams and then the teams have to rescue missing personnel ✔️
D. The ship's management team and the crew must evacuate the ship

23. Which of the following information shall be specified by the muster list ?
A. Action to be taken by crew and passengers ✔️
B. The specific duties assigned to passengers that are in charge of a group others
C. The abandon ship signal consisting of two long blasts
D. The muster list has been prepared and approved by the administration before the
ship proceeds to sea

24. Which of the following prevention actions offers the guarantee of an efficient
intervention in an emergency ?
A. Training of the crew
B. The installation of protective measures
C. Planning of the emergency
D. All the listed answers✔️

25. Which one of the listed requirements regarding the stowage of lifeboats and life-rafts corresponds to present SOLAS regulations ?
A. Lifeboats shall be stowed attached to launching appliances.✔️
B. Life-rafts shall be stowed close to the stern of the vessel
C. Life-rafts intended for throw-overboard launching shall be stowed midships
secured to means for transfer to either side.
D. Davit-launched life-rafts shall be stowed on starboard side of the ship.

26. Your vessel has been involved in a collision, and at first opportunity a lot
of people from outsides parties are asking questions. What shall you tell hem?
A. Do not tell anybody anything, except representatives from the main newspapers,
radio and TV. Remember, the people have the right to know.
B. You shall only tell them the truth and nothing but the truth.
C. Do not reply to any questions from outside parties, except the solicitor appointed by your company. ✔️
D. To make sure that all parties are informed about the facts, show them the extract sof the log-book.

27. Debriefing of an emergency drill:
A. Encourages crewmembers to focus on their duties
B. Is most effective when held at a safety meeting
C. Focuses attention on the debriefier’s feedback
D. Expands the experience of all personnel✔️

28. In a crisis, which crew behaviours are most reassuring to passengers ?
A. Enthusiasm, confidence, hospitality
B. Enthusiasm, confidence, decisiveness ✔️
C. Dependability
D. Keeping up with safety knowledge

29. The Safety Management Manual contains checklists that are:
A. Clear, concise summaries of critical action items in the emergency plan ✔️
B. To be used when crewmembers feel especially stressed in emergencies
C. Clear, concise summaries of all action items in the emergency plan
D. Detailed descriptions of action items most easily forgotten in emergencies

30. What manoeuvre should be carried out in case of a fire onboard a ship ?
A. Keep the stem up against the wind if possible
B. Reduce speed and, if possible, keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship✔️
C. Let the ship follow the wind in order to reduce the oxygen supply
D. Continue on course and speed

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