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Emergency Damage Control ATT-II

Pengendalian Kerusakan Dan Kedaruratan di kapal

01. Is it necessary to be certified to be a lifeboat-commander ?
A. Yes, you must attend to a course held by certified personnel, and provide evidence of having maintained the required standards of competence every five years. ✔️
B. No, the only thing you need is one hour instruction from a deck officer.
C. No
D. Yes, you must attend a one week course at a approved course center.

02. In a distress situation and immediately after the distress signal has been sounded,
what is the next action to be taken by the Chief Officer on duty ?
A. Send distress signals to call for help
B. Call the nearest coastal radio station
C. Use the intercom to inform crew and passengers of the reason for the alarm ✔️
D. Use the VHF-radio telephone to ask ships in the vicinity to stand by

03. The training manual shall contain instructions and information in easily understood terms and illustrated wherever possible. Which of the following objects have to be explained in detail in the manual according to present regulations ?
A. Donning of fire protection clothing
B. Donning of life jackets and immersion suits ✔️
C. Starting of Main Engine
D. Handling of stowaways

04. You are on board a cargo ship. The ship is heavily listing to starboard, making
impossible the launching of the survival craft stowed on this side. Lifeboats and
liferafts are equally distributed on each side of the vessel. What should be the total
number of persons that can be accommodated in the remaining survival craft stowed on the port side ? (*) N is the total number of persons that vessel is permitted to carry.
A. At least 100 % N (lifeboat capacity: 50 % N; liferaft capacity: 50 % N) (*)
B. At least 150 % N (lifeboat capacity:100 % N; liferaft capacity: 50 % N) (*)
C. At least 150 % N (lifeboat capacity: 50 % N; liferaft capacity: 100 % N) (*)
D. At least 200 % N (lifeboat capacity:100 % N; liferaft capacity: 100 % N (*) ✔️

05. The correct order of actions to be taken in a fire emergency, should be…
A. Evaluation of the situation, rescue and life-saving, confinement of fire, extinction, then feed back on the emergency ✔️
B. Extinction, confinement of fire, feed back on the emergency, rescue and life-
saving, then evaluation of the situation
C. Extinction, evaluation of the situation, confinement of fire, rescue and life-
D. Evaluation of the situation, confinement of fire, rescue and life-saving, extinction

06. What is most important for crew members when preparing for emergencies?
A. That people listen to orders given
B. That people know where to find designated equipment
C. That people know where to muster
D. That people are well trained ✔️

07. Which of the following duties shall be included in the "muster list" as being
assigned to crewmembers in relation to passengers ?
A. Ensuring that extra food and water is taken to the survival craft
B. Ensuring that every passenger is provided with an immersion suit or a thermal
protective aid
C. Assembling passengers at muster station✔️
D. Clearing the escape routes

08. Which of the following prevention actions offers the guarantee of an efficient
intervention in an emergency ?
A. Training of the crew
B. The installation of protective measures
C. Planning of the emergency
D. All the listed answers ✔️

09. Studies of shipboard emergencies show that many passengers do not read or remember
safety information. As an officer, how can you best compensate for this fact?
A. In an emergency, repeatedly tell passengers what's happening, what's being
done, and what they should do. ✔️
B. Prior to departure, provide passengers with a good safety video.
C. Ensure that printed safety information onboard is of the highest quality.
D. Post large, graphic safety signs conspicuously throughout the ship.

10. What can cause crewmembers to abdicate their safety roles ?
A. Inadequate fire-fighting training
B. No lifeboat drills for passengers
C. Lack of leadership ✔️
D. Inadequate fire-fighting provisions

11. What is the most important factor in the master's ability to make good decisions in
an emergency ?
A. Feedback from the crew ✔️
B. Input from company personnel
C. Planning of emergency procedures
D. Following safety regulations

12. Which is the most important factor in the safety awareness of the ships crew ?
A. The quality of emergency drills
B. The safety awareness of the senior officers
C. The shipboard training provided
D. The level of emergency-preparedness ✔️

13. Which of the following is most likely to influence changes to emergency
plans and procedures ?
A. The ISM Code
B. The design and layout of the ship ✔️
D. The safety requirements of the USCG

14. The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew.
Which of the given duties necessarily have to be included in the muster list ?
A. Clearing escape routes
B. Preparation and launching of survival crafts✔️
C. Type of fires that can be encountered on board
D. Preparation and starting of emergency generator

15. The muster list must be prepared:
A. At least 1 hour before the ship proceeds to sea
B. At least 2 hours before the ship proceeds to sea
C. At any moment before the ship proceeds to sea ✔️
D. At least 2 hours after the ship has proceeded to sea

16. As far as human factor is concerned, which of the following actions should be
considered as an efficient one ?
A. To establish inner rules to perform work of a special risk
B. To equip them with better communication systems
C. To train the fire brigade
D. All the listed answers ✔️

17. During helicopter evacuation of an injured man, what course should the ship steer ?
A. As instructed by the helicopter pilot
B. With the wind astern so that the effect of the wind is reduced as much as possible
C. Directly into the wind
D. With the wind fine on the bow opposite to the helicopter operating area ✔️

18. In what language/languages must the fire control plans or booklets (or copies of these)be written ?
A. In the Flag State official language with copies in English or French ✔️
B. In the Flag State official language
C. In the English language
D. In a national language where company head office is located

19. The Training Manual shall contain instructions and information on the life- saving appliances and the best method of survival. The training manual shall contain detailed explanations of crew duties in relation to emergency situations. Which of the following tasks or duties shall be included in the manual according to present regulations ?
A. The use of navigational equipment for survival crafts.
B. The use of the ship's line throwing apparatus.✔️
C. The use of surface to air visual signals to be used by survivors.
D. The use of escape routes and other escape methodes.

20. What is a contingency plan for ships ?
A. Plan for safety preparedness ✔️
B. Plan for next voyage
C. Loading plan for general cargo
D. Plan for maintenance and repair
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