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Interview bahasa inggris Kerja di kapal

Sample question and anseweres for marine engineers (3)

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1. Q : when piston rings become worn, what signs should one look for?
A : If piston rings an engines become worn, engine start to burn lubricating oil, oil becomes carbonized quickly, pressure exists in crank case, inlet and exhaust valves start to foul up, exhaust becomes blue due to burning lubricating oil, engine difficult to start in cold  weather.

2. Q : Describe the method of preparing the vessel for operation. Make detailed notes on the vessel you are serving on, relating to method of starting generators, main engines, checks of engines, checks on fuel tanks for water and sufficient fuel, air compressors, pumps and other essentials equipment.
A : answer above as according the vessel you are now serving.

3. Q : Cooling water treatment is used in the fresh water system of engines, explain why?
A : Cooling water  💦 treatment is used in engine fresh water systems to prevent build up of scale on steel surfaces and to prevent corrosion to ferrous and non ferrous metals essential that the correct concentration is maintained others will be in effective.

4. Q : An engine is running and the cooling water temperature rises what action should be taken?
A : When the cooling temperature rises on an engine, it is essential to reduce the load if possible to prevent damage to engine with a generator. Start stand by machine and change over to machine just started , and stop machine that is overheating, with main engine advice the Master and make speed adjustments consistent with safety of vessel try to find out the reason for temperature rises and correct if may not be possible to stop main engine and anchor due to location an regulation in force for the area.

5. Q : The vessel is grounded, what action is taken by you the Chief Engineer?
A : When a Vessel has grounded, the time of the incident must be agreed with the Master and related data entered into the engine room log book. A full inspection of vessel must be carried out and all tanks sounded and bilges checked for signs of any water ingress. In water ingress has occurred, bilge pump must be started to keep the water ingress under control. Attempts must be made to stem the water ingress by using timber and wedges and any material such as pillow cases to form a seal. Only at last resort, use a wooden plug. This method might make the situation worse, not better.

6. Q : The vessel strikes an water object, what action is taken?
A : When a vessel had hit an underwater object, the same basic approach is taken as for question 5. Note, if any vibration exists when engine started, if in doubt do not run engine as manage may have occurred to shafting or propellers or rudder system.

7. Q : What is the function of an engine room log book, what data should be recorded?
A : The engine room log book is used to record among other items, full details of fuel, water, lubricants and other liquid remaining each noon, running hours of engines and other equipment with operating parameters, incidents and full maintenance carried out should be signed daily by the Chief Engineer. All entries must be in pen and any corrections signed.

8. Q : Describe the procedure for donning a SCBA set and what is the pressure of air in a full cylinder. How long will it last under normal circumstances?
A : ✔️ By pass valve fully closed (clockwise).
✔️ Main valve fully open (press and anti-clockwise).
✔️ Try full face mask to check for leakage.
✔️ Put on SCBA over head.
✔️ Tighten regulator belt.
✔️ Tighten P/S belt.
✔️ Open cylinder valve.
✔️ Put on face mask.
✔️ Connect hose of face mask to the regulator.
✔️ "ON" Regulator valve. (maximum 1 minute).

9. Q : What maintenance is given to a fire alarm system with the main panel being located on the bridge?
A : With a central fire alarm system, the alarm is tested daily at noon if possible, subject to operational requirements, use smoke to test the detector heads once a month and check panel for correct operation. It is essential that the alarm panel is on at all times to ensure that should a fire start all crew ill be given sufficient warning to tackle and extinguisher, never reset the alarm panel until the alarm has been completely Checked out. False alarm can occur in engine rooms due logging over heating or in the galley dua to hot fat.

10. Q: When the fire alarm sounds, what action is taken?
A : When the alarm sounds, entire ships crew will assemble at emergency stations and await further instructions.

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