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CBA MPU ATT 2 Multiple Choices

1. The elements of most concern in regard pollution caused by engines are
a. CO and C02
b. CO and hydrocarbons
c. C02 and hydrocarbons ✔️
d. Carbon and dust
e. Hot products of combustion

2. The preferred location of an oil cooler is
a. Before the filters
b. After the filters✔️
c. Between the filters
d. Before and after the filters
e. Any where

3. The petrol from tank to the automotive engine is fed by
a. Gravity
b. Pump run by engine
c. Suction pressure created by, suction stroke
d. Capillary action
e. Fuel pump.✔️

4. In petrol engine, increase of cooling water temperature will
a. Increase the knocking tendency✔️
b. Decrease the knocking tendency
c. Not affect the knocking tendency
d. Increase or decrease knocking tendency depending on
strength and time of spark
e. Unpredictable.

5. Power impulses from an I.C. engine are smoothed out by
a. Governor✔️
b. Crank shaft
c. Gear box
d. Flywheel
e. Timing spark properly.

6. The theoretically correct mixture of air and petrol is approximately
a. 8 : 1
b. 12 : 1✔️
c. 15 : 1
d. 20 : 1
e. 24: 1.

7. For low speed operation or for idling in petrol engines, the engine requirements are for
a. Lean mixture
b. Theoretically correct mixture✔️
c. Rich mixture
d. Any type of mixture
e. Lean/rich mixture depending upon capacity of engine.

8. The following type of carburetor is preferred
a. Concentric type
b. Eccentric type
c. Horizontal type
d. Vertical type
e. None of the above.✔️

9. In the passengers cars, the following type of carburetor is preferred
a. Horizontal type
b. Downward draught type
c. Upward draught type
d. Inclined draught type
e. Any one of the above types.✔️

10. The essential equipment for producing high voltage for sparking in petrol engines with battery is
a. Ignition coil
b. Ignition coil and distributor✔️
c. Ignition coil and condenser
d. Ignition coil and contact breaker
e. Ignition coil, contact breaker and con-denser

11. The ignition coil in diesel engines produces voltage of the order of
a. 6 to 12 volts✔️
b. 240 volts
c. 1000 volts
d. 20,000 volts
e. 80,000 volts.

12. Which of the following types of pump needs priming every time it is used ?
a. A reciprocating pump.
b. A gear type pump.
c. A scroll type pump.
d. A centrifugal pump.✔️

13. Indicate which of the following main propulsion engines is the largest ?
a. Medium speed diesel engines.
b. Slow speed diesel engines.
c. High speed diesel engines.
d. Steam turbines.✔️

14. Saturated steam is produced ……..
a. to heat fuel in tanks or to heat ace
b. to start diesel engines.
c. to power turbo alternators.
d. to power steam turbines.✔️

15. Distilled water taken from the condenser and pumped back to the boiler is called…………
a. condenser water.✔️
b. feed water.
c. fresh water.
d. evaporated water.

16. Superheated steam is steam……….
a. that can be used for heating the
b. that is mixed with water vapour.
c. that has been condensed.
d. that has been heated until it is "dry”.✔️

17. Modern high pressure boilers produce which of the following?
a. Fresh water for drinking.
b. Feed water.
c. Saturated steam.
d. Superheated steam.✔️

18. High pressure steam turbines are…….
a. larger than low pressure turbines. ✔️
b. powered by feed water.
c. smaller than low pressure turbines.
d. directly coupled to the propeller shaft.

19. On a boiler, the value fitted to protect the boiler from the effects of over pressure is called………………..
a. the blow down valve.
b. the safety valve.✔️
c. the feed check valve.
d. the main stop valve.

20. A boiler mounting is…………
a. the boiler burner.
b. the bed plate on which the boiler is mounted.
c. equipment external to the boiler.✔️
d. the various values and fittings attached to the pressure part of the boiler.

21. In a steam plant, the steam turns to water in …
a. the turbo-feed pump.
b. the condenser.✔️
c. the boiler.
d. the L.P. turbine.

22. Fresh water on board a modern ship is produced by which of the following?
a. Alternators.
b. Pneupress tanks.
c. Purifiers.
d. Evaporators.✔️

23. Which of the following concerning auxiliary boilers is not true ?
a. They all have at least 2 safety valves.
b. It is essential that the feed water is completely pure.
c. They are fitted with gauge glasses to enable a check on the water level.
d. The steam they generate is not usually superheated.✔️

24. Various valves and fittings attached to the pressure parts of the boiler are called the “boiler”…………
a. attachments".
b. fittings".
c. mountings".✔️
d. controls".

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