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CBA Inggris Maritim ATT 2

CBA English for ATT2 Multiple Choices

1. If the hot work is to be . at the bottom of the tank, the entire bottom be
thoroughly cleaned and all sediments removed
a. carried out – shall ✔️
b. done – should
c. placed – to
d. repair – could

2. It is still raining now outside. Therefore, the AB’s ………. their rain coat.
a. are wearing ✔️
b. will wearing
c. is wearing
d. have wearing

3. To whom does the requirement as to knowledge of English apply?
a. Seafarers employed or engaged on board ship on the business of that ship as part of the ship's complement with designated safety or pollution duties✔️
b. Persons for whom a certificate of competency is not required, only
c. Persons taking part in a navigational watch
d. The deck officers

4. When navigating a vessel, you to maintain its exact position
a. can always rely on a buoy to be on station
b. can always rely on a buoy to show proper light characteristics
c. should assume a wreck buoy is directly over the wreck
d. should never rely on a floating aid✔️

5. Seaman A : …. Get persuaded by drug peddlers
Seaman B : OK. Don’t worry I won’t
a. Make sure you
b. Make sure you don’t ✔️
c. be sure you
d. you’d better

6. What does the helm command "shift the rudder" mean?
a. Put the rudder over to the opposite side, the same number of degrees it is now ✔️
b. Put the rudder amidships and hold the heading steady as she goes
c. Shift the rudder control to the alternate steering method
d. Stop the swing of the ship

7. The Local Notice to Mariners is usually published.
a. daily
b. weekly ✔️
c. monthly
d. semiannually

8. Man : …............... I’ve booked the table but you give it to other costumers
Woman : I’m sorry, Sir. We’re going to fix it
a. I really don’t mind
b. This is really a nuisance ✔️
c. This is Nice
d. I am really happy with that

9. A lookout can leave his station.
a. only when properly relieved ✔️
b. at the end of the watch
c. 15 minutes before the end of the watch
d. at any time

10.During the anchoring procedure, what would the 2nd Officer understand by the following request from the bridge, "How is the chain"?
a. The bridge would like to know the direction of the anchor cable from the hawse pipe ✔️
b. The Master is asking the Chief Officer whether the ship needs to be moved forward and
take the weight off the anchor cable
c. The Master is requesting the Chief Officer to inform the bridge of whether he can
determine which way the ship is moving in the water
d. The Master is asking the Chief Officer whether the vessel is dragging anchor

11.The distance between the surface of the liquid and the tank top in a cargo tank is called
a. thievage
b. innage
c. ullage✔️
d. Tankage

12.Whose overall duty is it, to ensure that the plan for entry into an enclosed or confined space is followed?
a. The Responsible Officer ✔️
b. The 2nd Engineer
c. The Competent Person
d. The person in charge of the team that will enter the space

13.Seaman A : ...............… I would stay away from drugs
Seaman B : Yes, I know. I’ll stay away from it
a. I don’t want to say that
b. I wouldn’t say
c. If I were you ✔️
d. I don’t think

14.What is the first step in any potentially hazardous work task on board
a. Risk assessment ✔️
b. Filling out the permits to work
c. Taking equipment required for the job into the space
d. A planning meeting to discuss how to carry out the repair

15.Man : Do you think that free education for poor people will be an effective policy?
Woman : …..................because this is what they really need
a. I think this will help them a lot ✔️
b. I don’t think that is good
c. I think they will be spoiled
d. I disagree with the idea

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