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CBA Inggris Maritim ATT 2 (2)

CBA English for ATT2 Multiple Choices (2)

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16.Your vessel is port side to a pier with a spring line led aft from the bow. In calm weather, putting the engines ahead with the rudder hard left should bring.
a. the bow in and the stern out ✔️
b. both the bow and stern in
c. the bow out and the stern in
d. both the bow and stern out

17.Chief Engineer : What do you think is the effective way to reduce too black smoke ?
Second Engineer : ……clean the filter is one of the effective ways to reduce it.
a. How do you see
b. I’m not sure
c. In my opinion✔️
d. are you certain that

18.Able seaman : What do you think of the book?
Oiler : .......................... I really love it
a. It’s terrific✔️
b. It’s disappointed
c. it’s horrible
d. it’s displeasing

19.You should keep clear of.
a. any line under a strain✔️
b. lines that are paying out
c. lines that are coiled down only
d. None of the above are correct

20.X: Why didn’t you answer my phone last night?
Y: Sorry, I ………. out to meet my lecturer, and I left my mobile phone at home
a. go
b. am going
c. went✔️
d. have gone

21.Which of the following describes the “Responsible Officer”?
a. A person appointed by the employer or to whom the Master of the ship has delegated responsibility, empowered to take charge of a specific task✔️
b. A Junior Officer appointed by the Safety Officer to report all activity related to a specific
task within an enclosed or confined space, having the required understanding and
knowledge for that purpose
c. A Superintendent appointed by the company to oversee all safety-related activities on board
the ship, capable of delivering specialised training and empowering him to report
information relating to enclosed or confined space entry to the management office
d. A Senior Officer, appointed by the Master, who can further delegate responsibility for
enclosed or confined space entry to a selected Junior Officer or Rating

22.Seaman A : How was your trip to Nias?
Seaman B : ...................... with it. I want to go there again next year.
a. I’m very pleased✔️
b. I’m really disappointed
c. I’m very displeased
d. I’m very unsatisfied

23.Someone …………. the door now. We are not in the living room
a. are knocking
b. knock
c. is knocking ✔️
d. knocked

24.Your vessel loaded in a sagging condition. Enroute you encounter heavy weather and notice buckling in the midships deck plating of your vessel. To relieve the strain you pump fuel oil from midships to the ends of the vessel
a. has been – could✔️
b. have been – should
c. when – must
d. while – suppose

25.For shall time sheets concerning working hours on board ships be kept after their
a. how long ✔️
b. how much
c. how many
d. which

26.The following is one of the writer’s suggestions in forcing people to use public Transportations……
a. Make people buy transit passes as part of their property taxes ✔️
b. stop automobile productions
c. Fine people who do not use public transportations
d. limit the number of gasoline

27.A cargo that has a stowage factor over 40 is known as a..
a. hygroscopic cargo
b. measurement cargo ✔️
c. stowage cargo
d. weight cargo

28.How can you best protect yourself against the most common injury, sprains or cuts in hands, arms or fingers?
a. By avoiding operations and jobs that can cause such accidents
b. By using gloves when practical, and being observant of the risk✔️
c. By never touching anything with your hands and always using some kind of tool
d. It depends on the work requirement

29.The total weight of cargo, fuel, water, stores, passengers and crew, and their effects, that a ship can carry, is the..
a. bale cubic
b. deadweight✔️
c. gross tonnage
d. loaded displacement

30.What time does your cook get up for preparing breakfast ?
a. He get up at 5 am
b. He always gets up at 5 am ✔️
c. He usually got up at 5 am
d. She always gets up at 5 am

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