I.Give complete answer to the given questions based on your experience!

1.What are the uses of steam on    board?
The uses steam are for driving the M/E and A/E for heating FO on board. The following equipments are used steam as the driven:
- cargo pump.
- FO & LO heather for F.O & L.O purifier and main engine.
- Cargo tank for heating cargo
- For accommodation to raise the atmosphere temperature  in winter season.
- For turbine as main engine. 

2.Why does a ship need auxiliary engines?
A ship need auxiliary machinery because aux machinery are used for supporting the  works of ME. 

II.Arrange the given words to make good English sentences.
A gas turbine engine is very light. 

fuel pumps sould be examined. 

floor plates tend to become slippery. 

III.Translate the given statements to English.
1.Salah satu fungsi perlengkapan bantu adalah memasok tenaga listrik dan penerangan dikapal.
One of function of the auxiliary equipment is to supply electric and lighting ship.

2.Turbin gas berbeda dari turbin uap.
Gas turbine differs from steam turbine.

IV.Give concise definitions to the given terms.
1.Diesel engine
diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine an its power is expressed as brake horsepower (bhp).
A boiler is a vessel in which water is heated under pressure and vaporized into steam for specific purpose.

I.Give complete answers to the given question.
1.What is exactly a generator?
the generator is the supply power of electricity on board/ship.

2.What are functions of lub oil?
-the function of L.O is to make the engine run smooth.

3.Where are bunkers stored on board the ship?
the bunkers store on board the ship are in double bottom.

II.Define these terms.
Pump is equipment for transferring liquid materials.
2.Diesel engine
diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine an its power is expressed as brake horsepower (bhp)
Oilier : is a rating who responsibility for lubricating part of the engine. 

III.Arrange the given words into English sentences.
-There are two basic types of boiler.
-The H.O is taken from the oil tank.
-for examined cracks pistons should be frequenly.
4.Engines-oil-heavy-burn-these. -these engine burn used to heavy oil.

I.Give concise definitions to the given terms.
1.Centrifugal pumps.
A Centrifugal pump is rotodynamic pump that uses a rotating impeller to increase the pressure of a fluid.
2.Auxiliary machinery.
Auxiliary Machinery covers everything mechanical on board ship except the main engines and boilers.
BHP = Brake Horse Power, is the unit of power / energy of an engine.
4.4-stroke diesel engine.
4-stroke diesel engine is similar to the four stroke gasoline engine,they both follow an operating cycle that consist of intake,compression,power,and exhaust strokes.

II.Change the given Statements into: Simple Past (+),(-),(?)
1.I (oversleep) again this morning
2.He (touch) that wire.
3.Naval architect (design ) ships.

III.Use your imagination to complete these sentences.
1.Merchant ships are designed to carry,… cargo, this cargo may be divided into two basic types : bulk cargo and general cargo.
2.If The Weather is bad,…. we will arrive tomorrow morning
3.Ships carry lifeboats so that….

Complete these sentences based on your words and knowledge.
1.Deep sea Tramp is the ship sailing on irregular… routes on unfixed timetable, they sail everywhere if there is cargo to carry for ocean going voyage.
2.Air Compressor is a type of auxiliary machinery functions to… supply compressed air for starting engines.
3.VLCC,stands for Very large crude carrier,is a type of… tankers ship
4.Chief Engineer is the head of…
the engine department he is assited by second,third,fourth and the fifth engineer
5.Medium Speed Diesel Engines are mostly applied on….
on Fast Cargo Liners, Tankers or Bulk Carriers = 150-450 Rpm, connected to the propeller by gear, cheaper, smaller and lighter, smaller chipper ship.

Translate these sentences into good Indonesian.
1.The chief engineer is observing the rotation of the main engine in the engine room.
Kepala Kamar Mesin sedang mengamati putaran [dari] mesin induk diKamar mesin.
2.Auxiliary Machinery covers everything mechanical on board ship except the main engines and boilers.
Permesinan Bantu menunjang semua permesinan keculi mesin induk dan ketel.
3.Effective horse power is the power developed by the piston in the cylinder,but some of this is lost by friction within the engine.
Tenaga kuda Efektif adalah tenaga (energi) dikembangkan oleh piston dalam silinder,tetapi sebagian dari hal ini adalah kehilangan oleh gesekani di dalam mesin.
4.High pressure steam is directed into a series of blades or vanes attached to a shaft.
Tekanan uap tinggi diarahkan keserangkaian sudu sudu yg terpasang pada sebuah poros.
5.A lot of equipment is duplicated,so that for example,one generator can be overhauled without cutting off the supply of electricity to the ship new modern cruise ship will be launched by the minister tomorrow.

Make a logical compositions with the following information:
29/10/04 – MT.Boston – Greek Flag – Durban to Bombay – crude oil – Mozambiqui and Mombassa – Indian Ocean – India – 12 days of voyage – 5 days unloading – 16/11/04 return.

I.Give concise definition to the term given.
COOLER = is appliance heat exchanger where its medium use the sea water or  fresh water.
2.Auxiliary Machinery
Auxiliary machinery is supporting machine for helping operasional on board ship.
For example ;
- auxiliary engine for electrical supply
- refrigerator machine for food storage
- air compressor for product the pressure air
- auxiliary pump for supply the cooling water to the aux. engine, ref. machine, accom. Air conditioner etc.
- etc.
3.Steam turbine:
Steam Turbine : propulsion power with change potential energy to kinetic energy by steam
a boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated and the heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications
5.Diesel engine
diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine an its power is expressed as brake horsepower (bhp).

II.Change the following sentences into negatives ones!
1.The chief engineer goes to the engine room.
The chief engineer doesn’t go to the engine room.
2.I called the cadet last night.
I don’t called the cadet last night.
3.The vessel must keep clear of the sea.
The vessel must not keep clear of the sea.
4.The pump man is responsible for the loading and discharging oil and water ballast.
The pump man isn’t responsible for the loading and discharging oil and water ballast
5.Corrosion and erosion can cause wear and damage.
Corrosion and erosion can not cause wear and damage.
6.The second engineer repaired the main engine.
The second engineer didn’t repaire the main engine.
7.I lost my pump.
I don’t lost my pump.
8.The mess boy cleans my room.
The mess boy doesn’t clean my room.
9.All crew are eating in their cabin now.
All crew are not eating in their cabin now.
10.They get up at 04.00 am everyday.
They don’t get up at 04.00 am everyday.

III.Translate this sentences into Indonesian!
Most internal combustion engines either diesel engine or gasoline engine burn their fuel inside the cylinder.
Kebanyakan mesin pembakaran dalam baik  mesin diesel maupun  mesin bensin membakar bahan bakar mereka di dalam silinder itu. 

I.Translate the following text into Indonesian!

Whenever one surface moves over another,A force is set up which resists THE MOVEMENT.This force,which we call friction,always opposes motion.It exists in every machine.It can be reduced by lubrication but never completely removed.In general,the force opposing motion is slightly greater before one surface starts moving over another surface than after movement has started.
This slightly greater force is called static friction.The force which must be overcome to keep one surface moving over another is known as sliding friction.Static friction is greater than sliding friction.
a.friction always occurs when there is movement between surfaces.
b.We can remove all sliding friction by lubricating moving surfaces.
c.To start a body moving requires a greater force than to keep it moving
d.Sliding friction opposes motion.
e.Friction is a force.

Bilamana  suatu permukaan bergerak dg permukaan yg lain ada gaya suatu tahanan pda pergesekan tsb.gaya ini biasa disebut dg gesekan,selalu pda gerak berlawanan.kejadian ini selalu terjadi pd setiap permesinan.hal itu dp dikurangi dg pelumasan tetapi tdk sepenuhnya dpdicegah.pd umunya gaya gerak bolak balik agakbaik sebelum pergerakan permukaan dimulai antara yg satu dg yg lain kemudian terjadi pergerakaan pda permukaan yg telah berlanjut.

Gaya seperti ini biasanya disebut gesekan statis gaya ini harus senantiasa dpt mengatasi gesekan permukaan yg berlebihan seperti yg kita ketehui adalah gesekan meluncur gesekan statis lebih baik pd geswekan meluncur.
a.Gesekan sering terjadi bilamana gerakan antara dua buah permukaan yg bersinggungan.
b.kita dpt menghilankan semua gesekan luncur dg  memberi pelumasan pd permukaan tsbt.
c.untuk memulai pergerakan benda membutuhkan gaya yg baik dibanding pergerakan yg berkelanjutan.
d.gerakan gesekan luncur bolak balik.
e.gesekan adalah suatu gaya.

II.Complete the following passage by using provided below.
The chief engineer is HEAD …. Of the engine department.He is ASSIST …by second, THIRD … ,fourth and ALSO … fifth engineer.An electrical Officer may also … carried.The engine room … Officer are storekeeper and PUMPMAN … on tankers there is a RATING … .He is also a petty OFFICER … The engine room ratings are fireman and pumpman.

III.Make a definition or explanation for each of the word below.
For example:
Chief engineer
Chief engineer is a head of the engine department,and he is responsible to the master for the day to day running of his department.

1.Second engineer
The second engineer or assistant engineer as they are sometimes called, who assist the chief engineer in operating and maintaining the engine on the vessel.
2.Auxiliary machinery
auxiliary  machiner:all machinery on board are supported operational except main engine.
3.Engine Governor
engine governor:part of engine device for  regulated.
4.Emergency alarm
emergency  alarm:make a the sound warning to all crew on board for something happen.
Helmet:safety equipment for protect on the head.
6.Fresh water
Fresh water is generally characterized by having low concentrations of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids.
Piston:engine device moving inside the cyl to suct  and compres air for produced the power.
Screw driper:tools equipment  for tight and loose bolt.
9.Engine room
Engine room:place on board for put all auxiliary machinary and main engine.
10.Air Compressors
A machinery to produced air pressure.

I.Find the corresponding pairs on the right side.

II.Shipping Terminology
Explain these following terms in English.
1.Underwater hull
The underwater hull is subjected to harsh corrosive environment of seawater and marine growth
generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
Cooler is part of the engine for cooling the engine when it’s running
transferring fuel oil from ship to ship or from station to ship.
5.Liquid Bulk Cargo
Liquid bulk cargo is carried in tankers, most tankers are design to carry crude oil or its refined product, such as fuel oils. The oil carried in tanks
Center of activity for controlling when the ship sailing, and place of navigation appliance.
7.Welding Machine
Equipment used to perform the welding operation. A welding machine is used in an automatic welding process.
8.Dry Docks
Dry docks are used for the contruction,maintenance,and repair of ships,boats,and other watercraft.
9.Auxiliary Machinery
Sudah dijawab diatas
10.Chief Engineer
Chief engineer is a head of the engine department,and he is responsible to the master for the day to day running of his department.

I. Shipping Terminology
Explain these following terms in English.
- Chief engginer
- Bridge
- Auxiliary machinery
- Container ship
- Hull

Jawab :
-The chief engginer is responsible to the master for all machinery on the vessel  and the operating and organizational maintenance and repair of all machinery.
Bridge is the place where the deck officer make watch keeping.
Auxiliary machinery is supporting machine for helping operasional on board ship. For example ;
  >auxiliary engine for electrical supply
  >refrigerator machine for food storage
  >air compressor for product the pressure air
   >auxiliary pump for supply the cooling water to the aux. engine, ref. machine, accom.Air conditioner etc.
- container ship is the ship which carried container only.
- hull is the skin of the ship placed in port side & starboard side of the ship which touching direct to the water.

Translate these following sentence into 
  • Generator baru yang dipesan oleh perusahaan akan dipasang di kapal kami minggu ini.
  • Tugas jaga malam hari di atas kapal merupakan periode yang paling kritis terhadap tanggung jawab masinis jaga dalam melakukan pengamatan dikamar mesin.
  • KKM sedang mengamati putaran mesin induk di kamar mesin.

  • The new generator which ordered by company will be attached on our ship in this week
  • The night watch keeping on board ship is the most critical period for the duty engineer during watching in the engine room.
  • The Chief engineer  perceiving the rotation of main engine in engine room.
III. Find the corresponding pairs on the right side.
1.During a voyage the ship is…. - Operated for 24 hours a day.
2.the purses is ….- the head catering dept.
3.steam  is prodused…- by boiling water a boiler.
4.diesel or gasoline engine….- burn their fuel inside the silinder.
5.coupling and nipples are used….- for connecting two straight pipes.
Jawab :
1.Operated for 24 hours a day
2. The head of catering dept.
3. by boiling water in a boiler
4. burn their fuel inside the cylinder
5. for connectiong two straight pipes

IV. charge these sentences into passive voice.
The life bouy saved the man from drawning.
The compass will help you to find the right course.
Jawab :
-  The man from drawning was saved by the life bouy
-  The right course will be found by the compass helping

I.Joint the following groups of sentences using appropriate “logical connective”.
1. Tankers usually operate as specialized vessels.
Tankers sometimes operate as tramps.
-Tankers usually operate as specialized vessels but Tankers sometimes operate as tramps.
2. Multi deck vessels have tween decks.
Tween decks help stowage.
-Multi deck vessels have tween decks and Tween decks help stowage.
3. the crew saved the ship and the cargo.

II.Join the following pairs of sentences together using “relative clauses”
1.Merchant ship carry the cargo.
It may be divided into to basic types : bulk cargo and general cargo.
2.An officer may become the Master of his own ship.
He has the right qualifications and experience.
3.Ventilators are positioned over the cargo holds.
Air flows through these.
Jawab :
1.Merchant ship which carry the cargo may be divided
into basic types : bulk cargo and general cargo.
2.An Officer,who has the right qualification and experience,may become the master of his own ship.
3.Ventilators which are positioned over the cargo holds,air flows through these.

III.explain the following shipping terminologiy  in English.
1. Cooler
Cooler is part of the engine for cooling the engine when it’s running
2. Air compressors
Air compressor is a type of auxiliary machinery functions to supply compressed air for starting engines.
3. Bulkheads
Bulkhead is the transverse or fore and after vertical partition in a vessel to divide interior Into compartment
4. Double bottom tanks
Double bottom tanks is a tank for store oil or water spare.
5. Bulk cargo
Bulk cargo consist of a single commodity, this commodity usually carried loose, and bulk cargo can be divided into liquid or dry bulk cargo
6. Liners
Liners : Are the ships sailing on regular routes on fixed timetable, they sail whether full or not and their schedule is published in advance
7. Oil tankers
The most common type of liquid cargo carrier comprising: ULCC, VLCC, Handy / Standard Tankers.
8. Generator
The generators that provide the electric current used for any electrical equipment and lighting on board are commonly driven by steam turbines on a turbine propelled ship and by diesel engines on a motor vessel
9. Welding
welding is way for joining metal or doubling if any leakage on metal
10. Full Speed Diesel Engine
Full speed diesel engine is the highest rotation from the engine.

IV.find the corresponding pairs on the right side.
1. Poor Lubrication causes … d.
2. Breakdowns result from …. c.
3. Heat loss leads to …… f.
4. Accidents are caused by… b. 
5. Instability is the cause of… e.
a.  lack of maintenance
b. carelessness
c.  friction
d.  structural strain
e.  a reduction in power
f.   fuel economy

V. Make these sentences into passive voice.
1.Outside companies usually do the electrical work, plumbing and any woodwork.
The electrical work,plumbing and any woodwork are done by outside companies.
2.The owner accepted the ship from the builder.
The ship from builder was accepted by the owner.
3.Two men are welding the plates.
The plates are being welded by two man.

VI.Translate the following sentences into Indonesia.
1.Although dry bulk cargo stows itself, it is important to maintain the ships stability an to make sure that the cargo will not move during the voyage.
2.the diesel engine is a form of internal combustion engine an its power is expressed as brake horsepower (bhp).
3.auxiliary machinery covers averything mechanical on board ship expect the main engines an boiler.
4.A viscosity regulator automatically controls the temperature of the oil fuel leaving the heater to maintain is viscosity within close limints.
Jawab :
1.Meskipun muatan curah kering menempatkan dirinya sendiri, penting juga menjaga stabilitas kapal dan membuat muatan tidak bergerak selama pelayaran.
2.Mesin diesel adalah pembakaran didalam mesin dan tenaganya adalah berkekuatan seperti tenaga kuda.
3.Mesin Bantu semua yang bergerak titutup diatas kapal kecuali mesin induk dan ketel.
4.Pengatur kekentalan dicontrol secara otomatis tentang suhu bhan bakar pada pemanas untuk menjaga kekentalannya selama batas tertutup.

I.Translation & Grammar:
Translate the sentences no.1 & 2 into Indonesian and sentence no.3 to English.
1.The generators that provide the electric current used for any electrical equipment and lighting on board ship are commonly driven by steam turbines on a turbinepropeled ship and by diesel engines on a motor vessel.
>Generator yang menyediakan arus listrik yang digunakan untuk peralatan listrik dan penerangan dikapal biasanya digerakan oleh turbin uap pada turbin penggerak kapal dan oleh mesin diesel pada kapal motor.

2.Regulation III / 1 of STCW 95 contains mandatory minimum requirements for certification of officers in charge of an engineering watch in a manned engineroom or designated duty engineers in a periodically unmanned engine-room.
>Peraturan/Regulasi III/1 dari STCW 95 berisi persyaratan minimum yang wajib untuk sertifikasi petugas/officer yang bertanggung jawab atas jam jaga dikamar mesin atau masinis jaga yang ditunjuk dalam kamar mesin secara berkala.

3.Tenaga kuda efectif pada mesin diesel adalah tenaga yg dihasilkan oleh piston dalam silinder,tetapi sebagian dari tenaga tersebut hilang karena gesekan dalam mesin.
>Effective horse power is the power developed by the piston in the cylinder, but some of this is lost by friction within the engine.

II.Freecomposition :
Buatlah karangan dalam bahasa inggris yg baik dan bener tentang ‘Duties of Chief Engineer ‘yg meliputi kegiatan-kegiatan KKM dan berdasarkan informasi dibawah ini:
a).General Prime Duties on board (Supervisor,Consultant,Decision maker).

b).Structural and Managerial Functions(Head of the engine departement).
c).Referring to the Engine Log Book(Check piston,cylinder,FQLQ engine-rotation)
d).Referring to the ship operation and maintenance(Plan,Discuss,and Report).
Duties of Chief Engineer

In all ships,the various items comprising the whole of power unit are the responbility of the Chief engineer ,whose duties are generally supervisory,consultant and decision making.

For example look on board M.V SIDUARSI at this very night.The Chief engineer now is inspecting the engine log book. He reads carefully item per item about the engine’s rotation, the temperature of the piston and cylinders the consumption of fuel oil and lubricating oil. He will analyze it and compare it with previous day or voyage in order to get the degree of effectiveness of engines.

From those data’s ,he will make a plan for routine maintenance and then the annual docking repair ,any irregularities found ,will not be escaped from his eyes. He will discuss it with other engineers and will not be report it to the master ,if any unusual step should be takes as to stops the engine or slowing down.
Although his duties are not connected to the activity of the vessel ,but nevertheless, the successful operation on the vessel depends upon the smoothness, of his work.
The rank of the Chief Engineer on board is just one small step under the captain.,for the responbility of the vessel as a whole, is in the hand of captain.The Chief Engineer of a fleet are supervised by the head of Technical Department who is usually the most senior, and capable engineers of the company.

Translate : Pada semua kapal,berbagai item yg terdiri  dari unit daya seluruhnya adalah tanggung jawab KKM,yg tugas umumnya memberi pengawasan ,konsultan dan pengambilan keputusan.

Sperti contoh lihatlah kpl motor SIDUARSI  dimalam hari.KKM sekarang sedang memeriksa log book mesin.Dia membaca dengan hati2 item per item tentang putaran mesin,suhu piston dan silinder,konsumsi bhn bkr minyak dan mnyk pelumas.Dia akan menganalisanya dan membandingkannya dengan hari sebelumnya atau perjalanan untuk mendapatkan tingkat efektivitas  mesin. Dari data tsb ,ia akan membuat rencana utk perawatan rutin dan perbaikan docking tahunan,setiap kesalahan yg ditemukan ,tidak akan lepas dari pengawasannya .ia akan membicarakan dgn masinis lain dan tidak akan melaporkan kepada nahkoda jika ada langkah yg tidak biasa harus diambil utk menghentikan mesin atau memperlambat kecepatan.

Meskipun tugasnya tidak trhubung dengan aktivitas kapal,namun demikian keberhasilan operasi pd kapal tergantung pada kelancaran pekerjaannya.
Jabatan KKM dikapal adalah dibawah kapten.Untuk tanggung jawab kapal secara keseluruhan ada ditangan kapten.KKM yg diawasi oleh kepala departemen teknis yang biasanya para masinis paling senior dan berpengalaman di perusahaan.)

III.Leter writing (Application letter):
Sebuah iklan lowongan kerja yg dimuat di Shipping Gazette tanggal 12 april 2002 menyebutkan bahwa sebuah perusahaan pelayaran Jepang Nippon Kaiji Co.”membutuhkan seorang perwira kapal sebagai Second Engineer untuk kapal KM.Golden Glory yg berbendera Panama.
Karena tertaring dengan lowongan tsb,buatlah surat lamaran kerja (Application Letter) dalam bahasa inggris yg standar,ditujukan kepada Kepala Personalia perusahaan dan data yg ditulis disesuaikan dgn data pribadi anda sendiri.

To :The Crewing Manager Of The  Nippon Kaiji Co.
RE: Apply as 2nd Engineer. MV.GOLDEN GLORY

Dear Sir,
I reply to your advertisement of shipping Gazette, on April 12th, 2002 that your company had opening for 2nd Engineer of MV.Golden Glory, Panama Nationality.
I’m 30 years old, Jakarta Merchant Marine College graduated, and 8 years experience as ship’s officer at sea. I like to apply the job, to gain my experience, on your big company. A copy of my references and my Curiculum Vitae is enclosed.

I look forward to be available for interview at any time that is convenient.

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